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To enhance your driving experience and provide your vehicle with a customised performance upgrade, presents a comprehensive range of suspension components. 

Our suspension products, developed with over 15 years of expertise and a commitment to quality "Made in Germany", allow you to precisely adjust the control and handling of your car. 

From lowering kits and wheel spacers to specialised suspension mounts, every part is designed to give you maximum performance and ride comfort. With Epytec, you get access to top quality and advice to get the best out of your vehicle.

Original VW Audi Golf 4 A3 8L Quattro 4Motion Suspension Control Arm Wishbone Rear Axke Bushing Track Adjustement
  • ✓ suspension control arm / wishbone Golf MK4, Audi S3, Audi TT, VW Bora, Seat Leon, etc.

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Item number: 765
BMW E39 Bush Bushing 5er 520i 530i 528i Sleeve Axle Stub Steering Rod Link Front Left Right
  • ✓ bush / bushing / sleeve for the 5th BMW series 520i E9   axle stub , steering rod link, control arm, front left right

Item number: 383
BMW E39 Bush Wishbone Suspension 5er 520i 530i 528i Front Left Right
  • ✓ bush for wishbone / control arm on 5er BMW series E39  axle stub, wheel bearing housing front left right

Item number: 262
BMW 3 Series E46 Welded Plate Repair Plate Rear Axle with Cracks

Complete kit of repair plates for the support of the rear axle on the body of BMW E46 revealing cracks.

Item number: 101

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Audi A4 A6 VW Passat Skoda Superb Wishbone Bush Sleeve Steering Knuckle Pivot Bearing Multi-Link Axle Front Left Right
  • ✓ bushing / bush / sleeve for the wishbone multi-link axle, tension strut, made of high-strength steel for the Audi A4 A6, VW Passat, Skoda Superb series

Item number: 1118
Steering Angle Limiter Turning Angle Reducer BMW E30 E36 Steering Rod Steering bar
  • ✓ steering angle limiter / turning angle reducer suitable for all BMW E30 and E36

Item number: 1120
BMW E30 Wheel Hub Conversion PCD 5x120 E36 E46 Adapter Spacer Front 5 Hole Hub
BMW E30 hub conversin PCD 5x120 E36 E46 front axle 5 hole hub

Item number: 126
VW Golf Corrado Polo Passat Scirrocco Camber correction plates Camber regolation Rear axle

Camber correction plates for installation on rear axle.Allow a perfect camber adjustment on your vehicle.

Item number: 296
Inner Cylinder Head Bolt with Hexagon Socket Normal Fine Thread Screw M5-M16 High-Strength 10.9 12.9 DIN912 8.8 Steel
select easily and quickly your inner cylinder head bolts with hexagon socket. Sortiment with lengths, quality and differents threads.

Bolt circle adapter VW 4x100 on 5x112 Audi 20mm Wheel plates

Bolt circle adapter pour conversion from 4x100mm on 5x112mm.Allows use of Audi wheel rims on your vehicle VW.

Item number: 246
BMW 3er E36 Welding Plate Repair Plate Rear Axle Solution against Cracks
  • ✓ repair plate kit for rear axle on model 3th BMW E36

Item number: 984
Opel Kadett C Stiffening plate Entire car body Frame Complete Set

1 complete set of stiffening plates for the reinforcement of the entire Opel Kadett C car body.

Item number: 338
Front Axle Reinforcement for Opel Kadett C Coupe like 1000 series
  • ✓ front axle reinforcement plates for all Opel Kadett C models like the original 1000 series

Item number: 187
VW Golf MK1 Jetta Scirocco Caddy 14D Steel Strut Bar Suspension Brace Adjustable Conversion Reinforcing Tuning
  • ✓ Strut bar / brace made of steel for the front axle, suitable for VW Golf MK1, VW Jetta 1, Scirocco 1 / 2 and VW Caddy 14D

Item number: TAT121
BMW E36 E46 Z4 Rear Axle Rear Axle Adjustment Trailing Arm Link Toe-in Adjustment Correction
  • ✓ rear axle adjustment to be able to fix the toe-in perfectly on all BMW E36 E46 and Z4

Item number: 1058
Drive Shaft VW Golf MK2 MK3 Corrado Passat VR6 Axle Conversion 02M 02Q DQ250 DSG 6-Speed
  • ✓ drive shaft kit for all VW Golf MK2 MK3, Passat, Corrado with VR6 axle,  stable up to 800 HP

Item number: ISP106
Golf MK2 MK3 Camber Adjustment Screw Syncro
  • ✓ conversion kit to convert the VW Golf  MK2 MK3 Syncro rear axle. Adjustement of track and camber

Item number: 661
BMW E36 Rear Axle Control Arm Reinforcing Welding Plate Repair Plate Solution against Cracks
  • ✓ repair / reinforcing plate kit for the control / trailing arm (rear axle), on model 3th BMW E36

Item number: 991
VW Golf MK1 Scirocco 1 2 Jetta 1 Polyurethane Bushes Kit 26-piece Front Rear Axle Stabilizer Wishbone
  • ✓ 26-piece polyurethane bushing kit for the front and rear axles of the Golf Mk1 Scirrocco MK1 and 2 Jetta MK1

Item number: TAT138
VW Golf MK2 Jetta 2 Corrado Steel Strut Bar Brace Front Axle Tuning
  • ✓ 1x steel strut bar / brace for front axle on models VW Jetta 2, Golf MK2 and Corrado

Item number: TAT115
Wheel Spacer PCD Adapter VW 4x100 to 4x108 Audi 20mm 1tlg. Track Plate
  • ✓ for vehicle with PCD : 4x100 and hub diameter / hub centric : 57,1,5
  • ✓ to rims with PCD : 4x108
  • ✓ brake disc diameter : 57,,1
  • ✓ enlargement per wheel : 20mm

Item number: 719
Wheel Hubs Golf MK4 Bora Audi A3 TT TTRS RS3 Audi TT Conversion to 5x112 V6 R32 PCD Adapter Front
  • wheel hubs for conversion to 5x112mm Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) and ABS sensor ring, front axle  on Golf MK 4 Bora Audi A3 TT TTRS RS3 Audi TT models

Item number: APA121
Wishbone Support Suspension Control Arm Bar Strut VW Golf MK1 Cabrio Jetta VR6 16V G60 Under Chassis Bar Support
  • ✓  wishbone support / suspension control arm bar / strut
  • ✓  VW Golf MK1 Cabrio Jetta VR6 16V G60

Item number: TAT100
VW Audi Golf MK1 MK2 MK3 Corrado Special Track Rod End Head Universal Low Profile Lowering M14 x 1,5 Thread
  • ✓ universal suitable for all vehicles with track rod ends / heads which have a M14x1,5 internal thread
  • the reverse direction of installation of the head allows a deeper lowering of the vehicle

Item number: TAT102
VW Caddy 1 14d Lowering Kit Rear Axle Conversion
  • ✓ Volkswagen Caddy 14d lowering kit fo rear axle

Item number: 194
VW Golf MK1 Scirocco 1 2 Jetta 1 Polyurethane Bushes Rear Axle Bearing on Both Sides
  • ✓ 10-piece polyurethane bushing kit for the rear axle of the Golf MK1 Scirrocco 1 and 2 Jetta 1
  • ✓ rear axle bearing on both sides

Item number: TAT140
Drive Shaft VW Golf MK1 Scirocco Jetta Caddy G60 VR6 Conversion Front Wheel Drive 02M 02Q DQ250 6-speed
  • ✓ Drive shaft set for VW Golf 1, Scirocco Jetta 1 Caddy 14D with the narrow axle .Stable up to 800 hp.

Item number: ISP107
Camber Correction Adjustement Plates Fiat Punto Opel Corsa D - 3,0 degree
  • ✓ camber correction / adjustement plates for rear axle
  • ✓ suitable for Opel Corsa D,  Opel Adam, Fiat Punto, Alfa Mito, Abarth Punto, Punto Evo, Grande Punto

Item number: 451
Wheel Offset Plates Displacement Plates Rear Axle Low Profile Lowering VW Polo 6R Golf Audi Audi A1 Seat Ibiza Skoda Fabia
  • ✓ wheel offset plates for rear axle
  • ✓ track extension by 10 mm per side
  • ✓ for VW Polo 6R Polo 9n Audi A1 Seat Ibiza IV V 

Item number: 869
BMW E30 M3 +E36 Z3 Gruppe A Camber Adjustment Screw Rear Camber Track
  • ✓ conversion kit to convert BMW E30 M3 + E36 Z3 group A, rear axle. Adjustement of track and camber

Item number: 193
Rear Shock Absorber Mount for Axle Suspension Audi RS4 S4 A4 S2 RS2 80 Repair Sheet Plate Metal 8B0512342 8B0512341
  • ✓ Repair sheet plate for shock absorbers, spring or axle suspension rear for Audi RS4 S4 RS2 S2 A4

Item number: 580
BMW E30 Front Axle Reinforcement Reinforcing Kit 6 Plates Front Axle 328i 325i 320i
BMW E30 front axle reinforcement reinforcing kit, 6 plates, 328i 325i 320i

Item number: 150
VW Caddy 14d Hi-Riser Rear Axle Lifting Elevating Kit 100mm 6-Steps
VW Caddy 14d, hi-riser kit / lifting / elevating kit, rear axle, 6-steps, up to 100mm

Item number: 196
Opel Corsa A Body Reinforcing Kit Engine Conversion C20xe c20let 2,5 V6 3,0 MV6
  • ✓ Body reinforcing kit (14-pieces) for Opel Corsa A

Item number: 152
Wheel Offset Plates Rear Axle Low Profile VW Golf MK2 MK3 Passat Jetta Corrado
Rear axle, wheel offset plates on low profile vehicles.

Item number: 205
Wheel Spacer PCD Adapter Plate VW Golf 4x100 5x130 to Porsche 20mm Track Adapter
  • ✓ for vehicle with PCD : 4x100 and hub diameter / hub centric: 57,1
  • ✓ rims with P.C.D. : 5x130
  • ✓ rims diameter : 71,6
  • ✓ enlargement per wheel: 20mm

Item number: 129
BMW E30 E24 E28 E34 M3 S14 Camber Correction Adjustement Plate Mount Front Axle +/-0,5 Grad
  • ✓ BMW E30 M3 S14 camber correction / adjustement plate, front axle, +/-0,5

Item number: 154
Wheel Hub Set BMW E30 Conversion Set from 4x100 to 5x120 Plug&Play
  • ✓ Wheel hubs for the conversion to 5x120mm bolt circle / pitch circle for the front axle of the BMW E30

Item number: APA256
Audi VW Golf 4 Audi A3 S3 TT Camber Correction Plates Camber Adjustment
  • ✓ camber correction plates for installation on rear axle. Allow a perfect camber adjustment on your vehicle.

Item number: 382
Thin Drive Shaft Set VW Golf MK1 Scirocco 1 Caddy Jetta Axle Joint G60 VR6
  • ✓ thin drive shaft for VR6 conversin in VW Golf MK1, Scirocco 1, Jetta, Caddy

Item number: APA165
Audi 80 100 A4 A6 Camber Correction Adjustement Plates 2.0 Degrees Negative Camber Rear Axle
  • ✓ camber correction / adjustement plates for rear axle of Audi 80 100 A4 A6 to adjust camber and track. With these plates, you can modify the rear camber 2.0 ° negative.

Item number: 563
BMW E30 Camber Eccentric Screw Bolt Rear Axle Camber Adjustment
  • ✓ camber eccentric screw for BMW E30 to adjust camber on rear axle

Item number: 156
VW Polo 6N2 GTI Axle Journal Stub Axle VW Golf 1 2 3 Seat Cordoba Ibiza Toledo Conversion Golf 4 V6 R32
  • ✓ axle journal VW Polo 6N2 GTI

Item number: APA213
Spacer PCD Adapter 5x100 5x112 5x120 5x130 to Porsche Mercedes Audi BMW Rims 20mm
Spacer / PCD adapter from 5x100 to 5x112 5x120 and 5x130 to mount Mercedes rims, 20mm per wheel.

Item number: 107

VW Golf Audi A3 Passat Seat Skoda Opel Steering stop limiter Steering stop limiter Steering rod stainless steel
  • ✓ Continuous steering lock limiter / steering stop limiter made of stainless steel, suitable for all vehicles

Item number: 1111-T30