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Golf MK1 Caddy Scirocco Conversion Set 1,8T 1,9TDI Golf 4 5-speed Gearbox 02A 02J Pedals Hydraulic Clutch

  • ✓ Golf 1, Caddy 1, Scirocco
  • ✓ CDA/CTM/DPA 5-speed transmission, 1.8T/1.9TDI engine
  • ✓ original pedals, hydraulic clutch


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Product number: 547
Weight: 7.099 kg
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Complete conversion set on models VW Golf MK1, Scirocco and Caddy 1, for conversion to the 02A / 02J gearbox, combined with the 1,8T / 1,9TDI engine from VW Golf MK4. The reinforced gears and motor mounting brackets ensure maximum stability and can withstand the most extreme loads.
In addition, reinforced engine and gearbox bearings are installed, which are perfect for all tuned engines and are more durable compared to the standard bearings. 
In addition, the hydraulic clutch from the Golf 4 is installed with an electric accelerator pedal, which makes clutching much easier.

This conversion kit contains all the parts that we recommend for the VW Golf 1, Scirocco and Caddy I conversion to the 02A / 02J gearbox from the VW Golf 3, combined with the 1.8T / 1.9TDI engine from the VW Golf 4.

This is the perfect all-in-one solution for your conversion.


  • quick and easy complete conversion
  • your don't need to upgrade after this conversion
  • original pedals (clutch and brake) can be retained
  • long-life-cycle
  • hydraulic clutch

Tip when rebuilding the clutch:

When assembling, be careful whether you use a small fuse box or the original complete wiring harness. In the case of a small fuse box, you can make the transformation very easily. If the original wiring harness is installed, the wiring harness goes to the dashboard and steering column switch exactly through the space where the cylinder is installed. It must then be ensured that the cables are sufficiently protected against contact. It is best to secure the wiring harness to the body using cable ties. For this there are two original holes in the immediate proximity that can be used. You can see it in the assembly photos.


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muy buen servicio,muy atento en todo el vendedor, muy buena calidad, y llego en buen estado. le serguire comprando!!

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Item as described. Fast delivery. Good communication. Excellent ebayer

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todo correcto y acabado muy bueno

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17 April 2021 20:18

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Top, bin sehr zufrieden 👍. Macht weiter so

  • Which slave cylinder has to be installed with the Epytec coupling / clutch set?
  • The slave cylinder is always taken over by the donor vehicle.

  • I can't get the clutch cable to attach to the transmission mount, what do I have to do?
  • It can happen that the gearshift tower (no. 3 image) is next to the transmission mount. In this case, you will not get the clutch cable holder (no. 1 image) mounted correctly and the clutch cable (no. 2 image) will not be mounted either. 

    In this case, we can offer you the following solution.

    With our counterholder for the clutch cable, you can avoid exactly this problem. In this case, you do not need to fit the small bracket for the clutch cable above (no. 1 image), but can simply use our counter bracket (click here). This is installed as shown in the picture:

    As soon as the counterholder (click here) is fitted, you have created the necessary space to be able to fit the clutch cable correctly.

  • In which position do I have to press in the bearings?
  • The position is always different due to the tolerances on the bodies. It is best to proceed as follows:

    -Mount the engine and gearbox mount (without bearings).

    -Hang the engine and gearbox in the vehicle so that everything fits perfectly.

    -Mark the position where the bearings are to be pressed in.

    -Press the bearings into place.

    Because the bearings are eccentric, you can align the engine and gearbox perfectly.

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